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G.A.S. SystemAir DiffuseAir
DiffuseAir efficiently mixes all the air in your grow room. DiffuseAir offers you total control over the climate of your grow room. It eliminates microclimates, high humidity zones and hot spots. Designed and made by Systemair. DiffuseAir eliminates harsh air streams that can cause wind burn to your plants and salt accumulation in the growing media. Being ceiling hung DiffuseAir gives you more floor space for growing.
This German made extraction fan is low wattage with high output and is designed to handle both low air volume hobby use and high air volume commercial use. The RVK fan can be run constantly without any problems. RVK extraction motor is very quiet. If the noise from the airflow is a problem - purchase one of our silencers and place at one end with a carbon filter on the other end. The RVK fan is speed controllable when used with a  Fan Speed Controller and has integral thermal contact with electrical reset. The fan can be installed in any position and is maintenance free and reliable. It is manufactured from fibreglass reinforced plastic.
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