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Professional Premium Carbon Filters

Professional Filters made to to the finest specification, with excellent life span
MountainAir® Filter Voted North America's Best Filter - FIVE TIMES!! (3 Year Life) MountainAir® Filters are a range of filters that have been designed to maximum quality, performance and durability. No other filter has been able to last more than 3 years duration with constant use
Phresh® Filters are state of the art carbon filters that scour the air to make it clean of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors. Competitively priced, Phresh® Carbon Filters are half the weight, last twice as long and have the largest selection of sizes to choose from. Phresh® Filters rely on the unique properties of RC-48 Australian activated carbon. They are used in research labs, plant breeding, tissue culture, indoor gardening, backyard & commercial greenhouses for their total airstream filtration characteristics. Phresh® Carbon Filters are professional-grade systems designed to meet the demands of serious hobbyists and commercial applications
£40.95 £47.99
The Rhino Pro Filter is constructed from Australian-mined RC412 carbon, the best in the world. The carbon is tightly packed and sealed into a high-efficiency airflow cylinder with a vortex cone in the base and a custom pore surface for maximum transference. The high-porosity carbon and lightweight aluminium make the Rhino filter smaller and easier to handle.
£42.95 £49.99
Carbo Air Filters
A new standard in air filtration is now set higher than ever before with CarboAir. CarboAir offers supreme quality, excellent air flow and all our filters are tested at Systemair so you can be assured it delivers what you expect. Great air filtration without choking your extraction fan.