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Orange Holland Nutrients

Orange Holland Professonal Concentrated nutrients consist of formula's that are developed to increase the return on investment when growing crops. Orange is divided into two specialised nutrient lines, both with unique properties and both tailored to meet the specific needs of the type of user.
The addition of Orange Regulator to the plants’ diet is extremely beneficial because of its many advantages. One of the main purposes of Orange Regulator is the regulation of nutrient uptake by plants.
KING HYDRO COCO A/B - Orange Holland
Specially developed for growers that grow on inert substrates (e.g. coco, rockwool). The product is composed of calcium, nitrogen and trace elements like: boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc.
Orange Root Stimulator is the fastest working organic root stimulator in the market today. This product is composed of pharm-grade hydrolyzed amino acids. These acids are so called L-α-amino acids
KING TOP BOOSTER - Orange Holland
The main purpose of the use of Orange Top Booster is to increase the weight of the buds. It does this by increasing the thickness and hardiness of cell walls
Orange Bloom Stimulator accelerates the flower formation and increases the number of flowers that are developed by the plants. This is mainly due to the high phosphorus content of the product.
KING ENZYME - Orange Holland
Orange Enzyme are used to break up dead plant material in the substrate. It is primarily used to remove dead roots from the medium after a grow
COMPLETE GROW - Orange Holland
range Grow is the most important fertiliser to use in the early life of the plant.
COMPLETE BASIC - Orange Holland
Orange Basic is essential in the plant’s life because of the calcium that it adds to the feeding water.
COMPLETE 1 - Orange Holland
Preparation of flower formation is done in the first week of 12/12. Use Orange 1 next to Orange Basic for this week to ensure perfect pre-flowering
COMPLETE 2 - Orange Holland
In this week and the previous, the plants have shown a large amount of vertical growth. By substituting Orange 1 for Orange 2
COMPLETE 3 - Orange Holland
The third week is all about the completion of flower formation and the end of the explosive vertical growth of the shoots
COMPLETE 4 - Orange Holland
Orange 4 extends the potassium boost that Orange 3 started. Flowers have started showing all over the plant and the first buds have started to grow
COMPLETE 5 - Orange Holland
The plants will be focused mainly on developing buds in the fifth week of the blooming phase. The various flower spots start to grow together to create long-stretched buds
COMPLETE 6 - Orange Holland
The sixth week of flowering is the starting point of weight build up in the buds.,The buds will widen immensely
COMPLETE 7-8-9  Orange Holland
The final stage of the flowering phase started with the sixth week of flowering in which Orange 6 ensures that the weight and size of the buds will increase