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CarboAir Filters

A new standard in air filtration is now set higher than ever before with CarboAir.
CarboAir offers supreme quality, excellent air flow and all our filters are tested at Systemair so you can be assured it delivers what you expect. Great air filtration without choking your extraction fan.
CarboAir 50 Designed for smaller grow rooms but still offers great filtration, great for air scrubbing in larger rooms. Offers excellent air flow and are compact and light weight. ​​​​​​​
CarboAir 60 Filters
With a larger 60mm bed of Carbon this range of filters are for medium to large grow rooms. We have carefully matched these to our more powerful fans. These filters have almost twice as much carbon in them than standard carbon filters.
CarboAir 100 Filters
CarboAir100 Monster filters for the most demanding environments. For the largest grow rooms these can cope with very high concentrations of odour and will triple filter the air if used with smaller fans.
From: £243.95
CarboAir Pre Filter
The CarboAir Pre-Filter protects your CarboAir Carbon Filter from dust, dirt and airborne particles. Preventing your carbon filter from becoming blocked with particles and prolonging its life.