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Buy Now, Pay Later

Here's how it works

Simply make your purchase and pay later, our customers have 14 days to pay, meaning you won't have to type in your card or bank details at the point of purchase and can safely get the goods home before you pay. 
Giving  it you when you want and how you want. It's smooth.
You don’t need to fill in loads of credit card details and personal information when making an online purchase.

  • In the checkout select the PAY AFTER DELIVERY option.
  • We will then ship your order and your purchase is then collected to your account.
  • Pay at the end of the Buy Now, Pay Later period

Enjoy the flexibility to pay later!

Buy Now, Pay Later is an online checkout choice from Klarna Credit. It gives you the freedom and control to buy immediately but delay your payment, interest free, within the PAY AFTER DELIVERY period.